Real Tennis Lite Concept, 2015

A new generation of prefabricated and demountable Real Tennis courts for the Tennis and Rackets Association.

The game of Real Tennis dates back over 400 years and the design of courts has changed little in 150 years or more. This project investigates how, through a different approach to design and construction, new opportunities can be opened up for the expansion of the game.

‘Standard Court’ from The Boundary

Working with the Tennis and Rackets Association, the practice is developing a low cost, demountable court that is capable of substantially replicating the playing experience found in traditional masonry courts.

‘Standard Court’ from Across The Park

Our approach has been to design a ‘basic court’ system that is capable of upgrade to ‘standard’ classification, or even to ‘Championship’ standards. The court will utilise modular construction and 100% pre fabrication and will be capable of being either temporary or permanent. The project ambition is to open up the sport to a new type and generation of participant, and by wrapping the structure in a coloured membrane, the image of Real Tennis in the twenty first century could, quite literally, be very different in the future.