Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge

“…There seems to be an emerging understanding that the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge Project is more than just a new bridge, but part of a serious solution to tackling London’s rapid expansion and the fundamental issue of providing a safer, less polluted and sustainable quietway system of moving through our great City for the future…” Robin Snell, ‘Cycling & Connectivity – Cities in Motion’ Symposium, 14.07.2017

Public exhibitions explaining the project were held on both sides of the river to update local residents on the status of the project and the work that is currently being undertaken and to give them the opportunity to explore the project in more detail, ask questions and provide feedback at this early stage.

Please click here to view the exhibition panels shown at the public consultation


On Wednesday 14th June 2017 members of the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge Design Team presented their work for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge at a seminar entitled ‘Cycling and Connectivity – Cities in Motion’ as part of the Danish Embassy’s ‘The Liveable City’ programme.

Please click here to view the presentation