Members’ Tennis Centre, 2014

A new indoor and outdoor tennis complex for a private members club, located on a sloping site in a dense residential area.

The concept is one of tennis in an English terraced garden landscape. Tennis centres are often open and their character is dominated by the ubiquitous chain link fencing that is required. However here, hedging and terracing are used to break down the external court areas into smaller garden-like spaces, each with a unique character.

Photograph of model

Six covered courts with associated changing and social facilities are housed on the central terrace beneath a graceful timber canopy. Views of the external courts and garden terraces are available from all interior spaces. By using a system of sliding screen walls, the indoor courts can be opened up and link to the outdoor landscape during the summer months.

Sketch showing an aerial view of the site. A tennis garden concept…
Sketch showing tennis pavilion concept placed within the natural landscape. Tennis court gardens arranged within the site